If there was ever a time to jump on video – it’s now.

2019 is the year of video…


There has never been such a huge demand for video thanks to big social corporations rewarding businesses that use video with reach and clicks. All of this because audiences have demanded video year on year. Now we have no limits on channels we use to speak to our customers as they all embrace it. Here’s why you should be using video in 2019:


1.  Video makes money – It’s an investment, not a cost


Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Imagine that. So whatever you get now from your landing page, times it by 1.8. You can get this just from using video. This speaks for itself. In fact, it’s not just landing pages it helps, it’s literally growing businesses.  And get this… brands that use video marketing grow their year over year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.


2. Getting video content has never been so easy.


You’ve got the potential of high-quality footage right in your pocket and the quality of phone footage will only get better as new phones are rolled out. Whether this is a good thing is up to you. We think it’s a perfect opportunity for people to get in front of their audience.

However, as the video quality increase, we believe the overall content created by businesses will decrease. This is simply due to people not knowing how to frame right, do their own lighting, where to look when on camera and how to get high-quality sound. Furthermore, people will see how good video is doing and will feel pressured to release any content which may not have a message or be in the interest of their audience. This is a good thing if your video content is awesome!


3. Get your message heard


We know what it’s like when you’re spending all this time on so many different channels but you feel like you’re talking to yourself or you can’t be herd because there are so many other people shouting. Using video not only gets you in front of your audience but keeps their attention: 55% of people play close attention when consuming video – more than all other types of content. Video is a perfect opportunity to get in front of your customer, tell your message on a personal level and gain loyalty from your followers.


4. More people are getting in front of the camera.


Businesses are realising that customers are more likely to buy off brand that has a persona or personal identity. This means more people will be getting in front of the camera to gain customer’s trust and customer loyalty. What does this mean? It means if you don’t start using video, it’s going to get a lot harder to get new customers due to them trusting those that’ll get in front of the camera.


5. The future is set for video


Video will evolve even more. You’ll see more businesses like Instagram developing interactive videos so that you can click and tap videos. This will result in e-commerce changing. Also (you probably already started seeing it) websites will show videos of products like at amazon.com in order to showcase their product and give their audience a greater understanding of the product. Furthermore, smart speakers now have screens and as the new year goes on, as prices drop, more and more will have a smart speaker with video capabilities.


It’s Now Or Never


The case for video has never been stronger and has never been needed more within your marketing and communications strategy. Are you including video in your marketing plan for 2019? If there is one message you remember from this blog it should be “Video is an investment not a cost”.

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