Getting your brand seen on social media is tough, especially for small businesses. With 50 million businesses on Facebook alone, how can we stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of an increasingly distracted audience?

It’s no surprise that 2017 has been crowned the year of video, as 500 million people are watching video on Facebook per day. In fact, over 75% of online traffic is generated by watching video. And the return? Video generated 1200% more shares on social media than text and images combined!
If you’re ready to generate more traffic to your website, increased sales and a larger customer base, check out these 5 ideas we came up with that you could use in your video marketing.
  1. Product Demonstration Videos
These types of videos are fantastic if you sell any sort of product that can physically be demonstrated to an audience. This could be anything from a children’s toy to a piece of software. When demonstrating the product, make sure that the person doing the demo represents your target audience. This makes it much easier for your viewers to relate to the person in the video and will feel more inclined to look further into making a purchase.
Below is a Youtube video posted by Hootsuite, the social media scheduling platform. They go into detail on how you can use their software, the different features, and the benefits. This is still one of their most popular videos to date!
  1. Thought Leadership Videos
Whether you’re selling a product or service, you have some knowledge and expertise that your audience doesn’t. Thought leadership videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and gain the trust of your audience, as well as generate a following and fanbase! If you’re an interior designer, you could create videos giving tips on how to best choose a colour for your living room wall, or how to furnish a bedroom without breaking the budget. If you run a coffee shop, you could share your expertise on making an amazing cappuccino! The possibilities are endless.
M&S offer a huge range of home furnishings, so they created a video with a top interior design blogger giving tips on bedroom decor, using M&S products.
  1. Live Video
Live video is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the introduction of Facebook Live earlier on this year. Live video can be very daunting to most people, but it’s worth considering as it is, in fact, an extremely powerful marketing tool. You could make a live video in a number of different ways: at an event, to demonstrate a product, to give a live Q&A (these are very effective!) or to show the behind-the-scenes of your business.
Buffer, a similar platform to Hootsuite, use Live Video to engage with their audience over relevant topics such as the impact of social media, and they then answer their audience’s questions live.

Live with Buffer teammates Arielle, Hailley, & Brian! We're sharing the #impactofsocial PLUS answering your questions on how to find a role in social media, public relations, and community! #SMDay

Posted by Buffer on Friday, 30 June 2017

  1. Behind-The-Scenes
Behind-the-scenes videos are great for giving your audience an exclusive glimpse into what actually goes on in your business. The reason why these videos are so popular is that people really do feel like it’s ‘exclusive’, and so they attract a more loyal fanbase. A behind-the-scenes video could be a tour of your workspace, showcasing your team and what they get up to, interviews with your employees, showcasing a project you’re working on and the steps it takes to process. You could use special effects, which are even simple to do on a smartphone, such as a time-lapse of a project from start to completion. This kind of video creates a human connection and puts a face to the product, giving the consumer the opportunity to learn more and gain more value.
Grundfos, a Danish corporation that designs, manufactures and sells pumps, used a behind-the-scenes video to showcase how the plant at Sunderland design and manufacture pumps bespoke and unique to their clients requirements.
  1. News
Got a new product? Make a video about it. Hired a new team member? Make a video about it. Partnered with a new company? Make a video about it. News videos are great as they generate hype and excitement around your brand. You can see your viewers’ reactions real-time, and respond to them as they come!
Apple recently announced the upcoming release of their most revolutionary smartphone to date – the iPhone X. They announced it on the live Keynote, and made a number of follow-up videos about it to generate hype. Here’s one below:
Let us know if you use any of these ideas and share your videos with us! Do you have any other ideas, tips or tricks for video marketing for your small business? Tweet us at Visual Punch!