Facebook Live – love it or loath it?

Facebook have introduced a game changer into the world of social media. Live video is the next phenomenon to be sweeping through Facebook. Providing that ‘in the moment’ glimpse into the inner running of your business. This game changer, however, has left some businesses bewildered at the prospect of using this new tool for their business and harnessing its power.

This is a beginner’s guide to using Facebook Live to make the most of this new marketing tool and what I believe is the best way to ease yourself into using Facebook Live. Please remember this is only a guide from my experiences of creating video content for businesses.

This guide has 5 key points for you to consider before you go Live and allow you to grow in the confidence of going Live with your business on Facebook.


What is the reason that you are going Live? Are you showing a new product? A new service? Are you wanting to show off the new office or a stunning location? Are you going Live to show who runs the show behind the scenes? Do you want to show off a lovely view?
I’m a big believer of not going Live just for the sake of it. Have a purpose for going Live as this will be the reason why people will watch.

A great example I saw recently was a client of mine going Live to show off an amazing view. However she used the moment to encourage other businesses to go Live with their Facebook Pages as well as informing them what she was going to do that day.


Have a plan when you go Live. If it’s your first Live video, make a short list of three points you want to get across. Don’t over-complicate them. Keep it simple so you don’t feel pressured to remember lots of information.

How long do you want to be Live? Do you want your audience to do anything after you have been Live?

Are you filming inside or outside? Are you going to walk around or stay static? Are you going to involve other people in the office?

All of these things need to be considered when going Live as anything can happen from falling over a office chair to a colleague covering their face. Make sure everyone knows what your plan is, whoever is involved.

If it is your first Live video I would recommend staying static, indoors and by yourself. Get comfortable first with the prospect of going Live first before you start to do more elaborate Live videos.

By following a plan it will allow you to set yourself milestones to reach and achieve. It will allow you to ease yourself into going Live as you know what you are going to do.


If it is your first Live video, don’t worry too much. Stick to your plan and try not to go off script too much. Remember to breathe and try to enjoy it. The first couple of Live videos will be awkward and you will say that your voice doesn’t sound like that and you will probably hate watching them back.

Stick with it.

Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more you go Live the more confidence you will get doing it. I have seen people say that they feel like it’s not the real them coming across on camera. It won’t be for the first few videos as you will be apprehensive about the prospect of it and it will take time before you settle down and enjoy the experience and then the ‘real you’ will come out.


You are Live and everything is going great. However, don’t forget to tell your audience to do something. This can be encouraging them to comment and like a post you have done, or encouraging them to go Live within a Facebook Group. The main thing is, what do you want your audience to do after they have watched your video?


Facebook Live is all about the spontaneous nature of saying to someone lets go Live. However as a business you can plan when your going Live and encourage your Facebook following to tune in. Why would you tell them when you are going Live? To encourage more interaction on your Live video.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an insurance company or a bakery. Making your Facebook following aware you are going Live means that you will have more people watching and interacting with you. This is the whole reason for going Live as you are looking to increase your interaction between your Facebook following and your business.

I hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to what I believe is the start to helping you become more confident with using Facebook Live. Good luck!