It’s fun to collaborate with other business.

It means that you get to do something a little different, see things from another perspective.

I’ve often collaborated with drone operators to get those stunning aerial shots. This was however, the first time that we have produced work though that need CGI (computer generated imagery). I’ve worked with Simon from on a few occasions on other projects, but this was the first time we were undertaking a job like this.


What I really enjoyed about this job was taking several different elements and combining them together to create the video. I always enjoy adding aerial footage into my videos as they often give the video that extra wow factor. Creating this video with the CGI was no different.

The only difference in producing this video was there was a lot more thought into the type of shots we would use and the length of these shots. This was purely because from the point of view for the CGI, Simon need to know how much work he was going to be going for each shot.

Each of the different elements wouldn’t have worked without the other. I think that is what I love the most about the project. I must confess it was quite simple collaborating with everyone too.

The best part of completing this project was that obviously the client was delighted with the end result, but everyone involved wanted to share and talk about the project with is fantastic.

It just goes to show you don’t need to pretend that you can do everything in-house. Sometimes collaborating and bringing in those experts is the best thing for the project.