This is one of our latest creations – a promotional video for Digital Sparkles.

This was a really interesting video to produce as its not often I can learn something which can benefit my business while I try to help someone else’s. Digital Sparkles are social media trainers and also provide business mentoring. The enthusiasm and passion Digital Sparkles have for what they do is infectious and this was clear to see from the testimonies from their clients, who have gone on to use social media to further develop their businesses.

Seeing the great results the clients have had from working with Digital Sparkles inspired me to undergo training myself to improve my social media and take it to the next level. I think like many business owners I am guilty of dipping in and out of social media, often during quiet times, rather than using it to its full potential. Social media is free and the results of using it well are virtually limitless. With a bit of guidance from Digital Sparkles I hope to develop a presence on social media which will be a voice for my business rather than just fleeting thoughts!

I think as a business owner, it’s assumed you must have various obligatory social media accounts. From my experience, I have found that from the time I have spent putting the work into these accounts that I have received very little in way of a return. However I think for my business, I was measuring my return from my social media accounts in the wrong way. Like many of you, I measured it in terms of work I have received from using social media, but what I really need my social media accounts to do for my business is increase my brand awareness.

It’s funny but as a business owner sometimes you need to have someone point out to you that your looking at it in the wrong way.

Since this revelation I have changed the way I am using my social media and funnily enough I am very excited about the plans for the future. Social Media doesn’t have to be this big necessity that you use for no reward. It is early days on the change in use, but I do feel that things are starting to change for VisualPunch’s social media.

If you want to improve your social media presence I can recommend that you have a chat with the team at Digital Sparkles. I will warn you now, you will become energised for social media!