Struggling to find the answer on how to market your holiday home? Want to know the best way to advertise a holiday let?

We’ve had so many clients in this position before. Just not knowing the best way to advertise a holiday home or cottage and frankly, how to market their holiday homes.


The answer is quite simple… use video.


Firstly, why are we using video?


Video marketing is found in almost every business marketing communications (70% of marketers plan to use video marketing this year) and there is a good reason. Simply just having a video on a landing page can increase your booking rates by 80%.


What does this mean for clever holiday homeowners like yourself?


We know the pain of having to be part of all these comparison sites. The endless list of sites you have registered on from to still just doesn’t seem to get you fully booked. Imagine if you could stand out on all your other channels… well keep reading.


1. Get a promotional video

Whether it be us or another video production company you must get a promotional video. With so many channels not just supporting video but having such promising outcomes, there isn’t a better time.

One thing we recommend to all holiday homeowners is that you think of a promotional video as an investment. You’ve heard the term a picture speaks a thousand words… Well, a video speaks a million then gets you bookings. It creates an inclusive experience and really shows your holiday home in the best light. Something pictures don’t do.

Prediction: comparison sites such as and don’t support video yet however we predict that they’ll be supporting video by the end of 2019. As of now, some booking sites support this. At this moment in time, we recommend leaving a link in the description. 

Here are some promotional videos for holiday home that we have made:





If you’d like to speak about getting promotional video, let’s have a chat.


2. Get more video content


Even if this is stuff you do yourself. You’ll be surprised what footage you can get from something you have in your pocket. Yes, it may be a bit raw and rough around the edges but we’re in a world of social where footage is expected to be rough. As long as you cover some simple steps to really up your production value.


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To really up your production value send it to your video footage to a video production company that has an editing service. It means they’ll clean up your footage so it looks professional. Whether it be by adding an intro or outro or a call to action at the end. We always recommend a call to action at the end like ‘book now’. Or ask for the footage they took when filming for the promotional video. Chances are there is some unused footage that would be beneficial.


You can read more on our editing service here


Getting little but frequent video content helps you build a library. Now, what can you do with it?



3. Share your promotional video content


Firstly, share your promotional video. However, you want this to be at the centre of each channel. You want to make your promotional video your cover photo on your Facebook business page. You want it to be the feature video on your youtube channel and not just another video. Put it in your e-mail signature and make sure you can find it on your Google My Business account. This would also be the video you use for any ads you would do across your platforms.


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4. Share your other video content


Your shorter content should be shared across your channels as posts. This just means they see your holiday home in a different light (and not just seeing the promotional video being posted time and time again). These small videos are touch points for your potential bookings and this strategy could be what makes you them extra bookings or even full book.


After, you’ve got a marketing a promotional video that makes your holiday home the most desirable with additional video content that wets the viewer’s appetite and leaves them wanting more. So before you know it, you’ve got a 2019 video marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to get you bookings for your holiday home. This is the best way to advertise your holiday let.


If you’re reading this and want to work with a video production company that’s experienced in your market, that cares about your project and knows how to maximise your bookings with video, we’re more than happy to take a call.