We are so pleased to announce that this month, we have been working in collaboration with the National Trust

We did this without even leaving the office – How?

By up-cycling videos.

We’ve been lucky enough to produce a wide collection of videos for the National Trust starting back in 2015. We have filmed at various iconic National Trust locations in the North East, North Yorkshire, the North West and in the Lakes. The videos were to promote the gardens of iconic National Trust properties to increase footfall and show potential visitors what they can expect to see when visiting the gardens, at different times of the year.

In order to maximise this, we up-cycled the videos. This simply means using them again and again on social media platforms, with enough of a gap between them to prevent too much similarity. There is no reason why you shouldn’t re-use valuable content – it will still have the same great effect on your audience.

Why should you up-cycle?

A lot of businesses have a video produced to promote their business. Once they have their video, they put it on their website and don’t think about it again. This is because once the video is on their website, most businesses think that’s all there is to it. All of that video content that took hours to plan and devise isn’t given a second thought. Some of the footage might be used in a video production company’s showreel but the footage isn’t used again and probably ends up being deleted.

At VisualPunch, we are BIG believers in up-cycling video content.

Some businesses feel that they should have fresh content captured for each video. That is their prerogative. However we know that having a professional video commissioned isn’t exactly cheap, but you should, as a business, want to should get the most out of the footage that have been captured.

This isn’t because you are cheap or being thrifty. It just makes good business practice.

Any good video production company will capture a vast amount of footage to create your video. They will be looking for lots of different aspects of your business that they can film because they are looking for lots of cutaway shots. However a lot of the captured footage won’t be needed. This isn’t because they have gathered too much footage (which you can never have) but it is because as a video editor you want to have lots of options when you are editing the video together. What this means is that this content can be refashioned into more videos for your business.

Do I need the extra videos?

Video has become an integral part of many businesses’ marketing strategies. However most companies only have one video produced from their content which we feel misses a trick as you can make multiple videos from up-cycling your video. Granted some companies may not want to up-cycle their video, but the great thing about up-cycling is that as there is no more filming required you only have to pay for editing time (depending upon how your soundtrack is licensed). By up-cycling your previous video, we can expose your original video to new markets and encourage more interaction with your company on your social media platforms.

In a day and age when there is a constant demand from social media for fresh and original content, up-cycling your video is the perfect solution to allow you to have tailored unique video that is about your business.

Let’s be honest: we all know that video works brilliantly with social media so why wouldn’t you want to up-cycle your video? So when you commission your next video, think about what you can reuse to create more content and make the most of your video.