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It's time to create more video...

It’s time to create more video. But you want to be able to share the video content you create without feeling it doesn’t quite look as good as it could. We are here to help.

Our video training is designed so that you or you and your team can learn the basics of filming and editing so that you can create and share short quick videos with your audience on social media. We have advanced sessions too so you can learn how to take your videos to the next level.

Our sessions are delivered in 3 hour sessions and are designed so that you can learn in a 1:1 environment. This means we can deliver our training and solely focus on your needs as an individual/team.


The basics of FILMING

In this session we cover the basics of filming. We will show you how to film yourself talking on camera, the importance of framing, how to capture good audio and how you can make the videos you create more engaging for your audience.

phone out for social media post of sea
Screen of editing a video for video production purposes


In this session we cover the basics of editing. Whether you want to edit on a desktop or smartphone we will teach you how to technically edit your videos but how to tell a story through your editing.

Editing on a computer is with HitFilm. Please ensure that your computer can run this software.

Advanced FILMING

Know the basics of filming? Want to learn how to create those  cinematic shots to make your videos look even cooler?

With our equipment, we will show you how you can use different pieces to film amazing shots for your videos. We will talk you through how these shots can be used to add higher production values to your videos.

front of video camera during video production

Tailored Training

Do you want video training tailored to your needs? Do you want video training for you whole team? 

Get in touch and lets talk about your requirements and how we can help and support your 

Do you want to do more... LIVE Video

We’ve joined forces with the leaders of digital skills training, Hypestar, and together we’re going to be guiding you through the journey of creating awesome LIVE video content, each and every time.

This incredible programme will guide you through how to tell your brand story through video. Focusing on the essentials of video content, we’ll give you the fundamental skills for any creator: how to choose the best scene setting for your content; the equipment required for a professional finish; understanding the importance of good quality audio & how to develop your onscreen persona.

This exciting, practical, and useful programme will consist of both online lessons & a practical full-day seminar.

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All of our training is 1 to 1. If you would like to have more than 1 person trained please contact us.

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