LinkedIn is where we connect with like-minded people, decision-makers and businesses and is a place where we can benefit each other’s professional content. With 610 million professionals LinkedIn is hard to ignore and If you run a business that is B2B, then LinkedIn offers an awesome marketing opportunity.


1. Act As An Authority

Acting as an authority allows you to stand out in your industry. If any one has a question in your field you want to be the first name to come to mind. Here are some ideas for videos you can create:


  • Record your presentations.
  • Interview your other industry leaders and authorities.
  • Teach a skill.
  • Share industry insights.
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions in your industry.

2. Use LinkedIn Video To Promote

LinkedIn is a great pace to find people that are interested in your product or service . Share with your network how you can help them. Here are some video ideas for you to  use LinkedIn to promote:


  • Share top blog posts in video form.
  • Recap an event.
  • Break down complex concepts or products.
  • Demonstrate a product.
  • Promote an upcoming event or webinar.

3. Use LinkedIn Video To Recruit

LinkedIn is made for recruitment and I guarantee someone in your network would love to work for you… Or they’ll know someone who does. 

Here are some video ideas on how you can recruit on LinkedIn:

  • Record a day in the life of an employee
  • Highlight an open role
  • Share an success of other employees
  • Document a company event or outing
  • Interview a current employee

Now that you have some ideas on what sort of content you can produce, here is how you get the best engagement from your LinkedIn Videos.

It may seem like a guessing game when it comes to best practice for LinkedIn videos but did you know that LinkedIn actually tells us what videos perform better than other and how they perform better. Here are some proven methods for getting more engagement with your LinkedIn video. 


1. Always Upload Your Video To LinkedIn Natively

This way you’ll get more people watching the video because more people will watch a video natively rather than clicking through to watch a video and this is simply because clicking through takes an extra couple of seconds which may not seem much but is years in the fast pace social media world.
Native video will result in further reach and engagement


2. Add Subtitles

Videos that are designed for silent viewing are 70 percent more likely to be watched through to the end than those that aren’t and that’s simply because 80 percent of LinkedIn videos are watched with the sound off.

Using subtitles allows your audience to watch the video without sound and still understand the content. The more you think about this it makes sense. How often are you in a situation where you can’t play the sound because of your environment? Also, remember that most of your content is viewed on mobile so keep your subtitles or text large enough to read when on smaller devices.


3. Tell your Viewers What To Do Next:


Always provide a call to action (CTA). Whether you want them to sign up to your e-mail list, let you know their opinion in the comments, make a purchase or subscribe to Your other channels. Moreover, make sure they know how to do it. They may need to click a link or search a particular term in a search bar.


4. Think About The Length Of Your Video:


LinkedIn says “keep videos under 30 seconds for brand awareness and brand consideration goals. A study by LinkedIn found that videos under 30 seconds reported a 200% lift in video completion rates.” In fact, the most successful video ads are less than 15 seconds long.

Moreover, they recommend testing longer videos for demand generation. Longer form content is ideal for telling more complex stories, and can help with driving clicks and views related to generating leads for educational content.

Here are LinkedIn Video Length:

Minimum video length: 3 seconds
Maximum video length: 30 minutes


5. Always Have A Purpose

Create content your connections want to see and engage with and don’t just use video to brag about your latest ‘client win’.


Are You Thinking About Using Video Within Your Business?

Then maybe we can help. We offer a wide range of video production services including a video editing service and monthly/quartile social video production packages which could be perfect for you. Let’s have a chat about your video ideas.