Benefits of Video Production Retainer

Video content is the fast-moving medium in the past 10 years. In those 10 years, we have seen Google purchase YouTube, the raise of ‘Live’ videos on Facebook, the invention of Reels on Instagram and the all singing and dancing TikTok. The demand from the audience is every growing and the demand from social media platforms is all-consuming too. 

But this isn’t a bad thing. We as consumers now want to be shown the facts about a new product or service, we are looking to be entertained as we learn how to create a landing page.

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5 Reasons you should consider using a video production retainer

Video has changed everything for businesses and that demand for more video content will never go away. There is a demand for both user-created content but also professional content too. However its about striking the balance between the two. Too much of one or the other can be damaging for your brand but also your bottom line too.

Video Retainers are the perfect solution for this. Not every video you want to share with your audience needs to be professionally filmed and edited, however, you can’t ask your audience to buy a product or service if you’ve made a video that looks like you’re experiencing an earthquake. A retainer model allows you to grow and scale your video needs based on your business and audience needs.

But the best thing about a video production retainer isn’t the fact you’ve got the kudos to say that you work with someone on retainer. The greatest thing about it is that you are building a new relationship. A GOOD video retainer is a mutually beneficial relationship. Yes you get all your video content professionally produced and your audience now think your awesome


Video marketing is about people. It’s about connecting with people in a way that is genuine, honest, and relevant. It’s about connecting in a way that can be trusted. Successful businesses achieve this by fostering the same connections within their teams and strategic partnerships. A video production retainer establishes this trust through long-term collaboration and opens the door to valuable feedback, improvement, and optimization of your marketing efforts that cannot be achieved through a “one and done” project mentality.


Your videos instantly look better overnight. What we do though is we run training with you so you know how to make the videos you create even better too. Now I know what you’re thinking – WHY AM I FILMING VIDEOS IF YOU’RE ON RETAINER!?!?!?!

Well, it’s quite simple. Not every video you create and share with your audience needs to be professionally produced. There isn’t a value to that. But through training, we can help bridge the gap between the content you quickly film yourselves e.g. a quick video showing the cake you’ve bought because its Phil’s birthday; so to your audience it becomes less and less obvious which videos have been quickly filmed on the hop compared to well thought out and considered video. Because what you might find is when you’re at a prestigious event where you can’t take your production company with you is that you now have the knowledge on how to film a video so that you can send it across to your video production company so they can edit the video for you.


This one is an obvious one. You can head into a shop and buy a pen. However, you can buy 1500 pens in bulk. Which one is actually going to save you money and time? Don’t forget each time you need to buy a pen, you need to remember to go to the shop. You have to park the car. Walk to the shop. Find your preferred pen of choice. Take it to the till. Then head back to the car and drive to the office. 

The same applies to video production. Working on a retainer means that you can tell your retained video production company of all the different video ideas you have for the year. How they will fit into your marketing strategy and how you want them to be delivered too. At this point here we would actually start pulling apart the plans and work out what needs to be filmed when. If you plan to launch a new campaign in the last quarter but it’s all about promoting a new product or service for the next summer – we obviously can’t film this content in the last quarter as we will need some nice summery shots. But we can start to create a shooting list so that you have all the right videos for launch at the right times of year.


A video production retainer also allows you and your business to harness the full power of an “in-house” video production team. We can respond quickly to the demands and requirements of your business, creating content that is communication driven to relevant key stakeholders. Working with the same video production team provides you with consistency and reliability. But you start to learn their working habits and you become comfortable with them and they know how to put you at ease on camera too.


We all know that our audiences and social media platforms are demanding more video content. It is the best and highest performing and converting medium. Effective video content must be fresh and frequent. Add to that the abundance of messages you want to share with your audiences and key stakeholders through the year suddenly you realise that you need to produce a lot of videos and quickly. This demand won’t relent so it’s about working with a company that understands you and your business needs to help you meet that demand. High volume, yet high-quality video content can be achieved, often at breakneck speeds, if you work with a reliable video production company that understands you and your businesses needs.

Working with a video production company on retainer is only a beneficial thing and will have a huge positive impact on your business and the videos that you will share with your audiences. This is why you need to start thinking about having a video production company on retainer. Regardless if you need lots of videos editing, or you need someone to come in and film and edit your videos for you.

A retained video production company knows that they have to buy in to you and your business as your success is closely linked to theirs.

I hope this has convinced you that you need a video production company on retainer.

Not convinced? Well lets have a chat about your video needs and see how we can help you.

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Fill your social channels full of the best performing media. We'll produce videos that resonates with your social media audience. Video is what will get the the most reach and engagement and we can help you month on month.

Explainer Videos

We can create long tail content for your audience. In a noisy market you can use the power of video marketing to stand out from the competition. Whether you want to entertain your audience or more people to consume your content. We specialise in making videos for Youtube, Vlogs and content for your e-mail lists.

Internal Videos

Use video to illustrate your company's values, standards and ethos. Using video through out your employees journey can systemise your processes and your messaging to your employees. We can help you with anything from recruitment videos to induction videos to process videos for your staff to see and learn from.

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