Visual Stars "Go Live"!


The best way to tell your story, is to show it

Visual Punch have joined forces with Hypestar to bring you an amazing video training programme called Visual Stars “Go LIVE”!

The combination of 4 online lessons and a 1 day seminar is the perfect recipe for you to learn how to confidently create Live videos that you can share with your audience.

In 2019, we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of video content being created and shared. We have also an increase in the demand from social media platforms for video content as businesses have started to see better results and engagement from their audiences, with Live videos performing extremely well.

Now is the perfect time to be creating Live videos that you can share with your audience…

For some, the thought of creating a Live video is terrifying.

However the stats tell us our customers demand more Live video, but also that they prefer it too!

82% of people prefer Live videos from a brand compared to a social posts –

Visual Stars has been created to take away those fears. We spend 4 lessons teaching you through online Live videos how to create your own videos which culminates in a 1 day seminar were we bring everything together and teach you even more awesome things!

This course runs on the 10th July 2019 – so there is still time to buy your ticket – at the STEM building in Middlesborough.

You can get all this training for the amazing price for just £74.00

Just follow this link to book your ticket